Privacy Policy

Since you are here at, you should be ready to read our Privacy Policy. By visiting at our main website, blog and other social media platform, you are giving us permission for collecting specific information about you and your purchasing behavior. However, we may collect some information about you such as location, purchasing behavior and other details, but we will never collect and retain your confidential information such as bank details, credit card or debit card details.

Whether you are going to visit our website for reading informational articles or buying our products and services, you will automatically accepting our terms of use. It means that we may collect specific information or details about you online. We may keep this information for providing you additional information or content according to your preferences.

In case of noticing anything unwanted, you may get in touch with our customer support department. You can get our contact details such as email address, phone number etc. at our CONTACT US page. Despite of all the given details, we at SendYourFlowersOnline won’t be legally responsible for anything you do at our website.

How SendYourFlowersOnline Receives or Collects Information from Users/Customers

There are various ways that we may use to grab information or details from our customers or visitors towards our website such as direct online form submission, cookies and other ways. Let’s check out how we may collect information about you from you.

  • When you try to unveil our services or products online, you may need to provide certain details about you. This way, we simply collect information about you.
  • We also use cookies that can easily collect specific information or details about visitors at our websites. We usually collect information about IP addresses, time, ISP, date, browser details, and other information through cookies.
  • But we never collect and share your bank details, credit and debit card details with anyone.

Information of You Collected through Third-party Systems

Since we may allow third-party advertisements on our website to help them increasing their ROI, it might be possible that some of our advertisement partners use cookies to collect information about you. Here, we at SendYourFlowersOnline would like to clarify that we don’t have control over the cookies generated by our advertising partners. So, it will depend on our customers or visitors like you to decide whether they want to check certain advertisement or not.

Since we don’t have direct access to the cookies our advertisement partners, we aren’t supposed to do anything regarding the same. Thus, if you notice that a certain third-party site or advertisement isn’t according to you, you need to change the idea of visiting at their site or you may block the site.

How SendYourFlowersOnline May Use the Information of Its Visitors, Customers or Users

There could be various reasons behind collecting information about our customers, users and even one-time visitors, but one thing is sure that we want to provide them more customized information about our products and services. Let’s check out how we may use information collected from visitors at our website and other platforms online.

  • We provide customized products and services according to the information you provided us.
  • With the help of your certain information, we can guide you about products and services that you may be interested in.
  • We create quality content such as articles, blogs, etc. to cater your knowledge.
  • We also use collected information to help our readers or customers to access to products, services and even advertisements accordingly.

Privacy Protection

However, it is true that we at may collect different types of details about our users, customers and visitors, but we don’t collection financial information. It means that when you buy flowers or other gifts from our online store, we aren’t supposed to collect details about your credit card, debit card or online banking. We just simply protect the confidential information about our customers and users. We even don’t share information about our users with anyone online. We strictly avoid third-party access to our main payment gateway to protect confidential information about our users or customers online.

However, it is true that we don’t collect bank details, debit and credit card information of our customers or users, but it is also true that we may collect generic information about our users. We may collect name, address and other demographic details our clients. But here one point should be noted that we never and ever share specific information about our users with anyone online. It means that we provide privacy protect from third-party websites, applications and advertisers.

Links to Third-party Websites

When you visit at our website whether for ordering flowers or other services or just want to collect certain information, you may find plenty of links. Yes, if you click on these links, you may be redirected to a third-party website. However, there are lots of internal links that help you accessing to more detailed information available on our website or blog, but still you can find out lots of outbound links. However, we publish outbound links to our website, but we don’t take legal responsibility of third-party websites. So, when you visit at third-party websites using our links, you will be responsible for your decision.

Change to Privacy Policy at SendYourFlowersOnline

It is surely an important point that you need to keep in mind while reading our privacy policy. It is true that we can make changes to this privacy policy to at any time or moment even without informing you. So, if you want to keep yourself updated about latest changes to our privacy policy, you need to keep visiting at this page. We make changes to our privacy policy in terms of discounts, offers, services, products, and content creation. So, it is highly advised that you should keep visiting at this privacy policy page to access latest changes to our privacy policy.

In case of facing any issues regarding privacy policy, you can easily contact to our customer support team. For this, you need to visit at our “Contact Us” page. Here, you find out our customer support phone number, email address and other contact details. We at are always ready to protect confidential information of our users, customers and visitors.