Flowers Expressing Love The Most Romantic Way

Say those three magical words “I love you” to your special someone with flowers. It will be the most romantic way to express your love.

Well, if you are still trying to figure out which flowers to choose to express your love differently, then this article will help you choose from 10 flowers, in fact, the most romantic lovely flowers that would add a floral touch to your feelings.

Here check out which flowers would be perfect for you to gift according to your taste and personality.

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The flower in the hue of light violet portrays the first twinge of first love. The freshness of this flower is the perfect option for new love.

Ideal for Occasion like birthday or order flowers online and a lovely bouquet of lilacs would be the perfect gift for your loved one.


Tulips are perfect flowers for someone who is happy-go-lucky type person. You can order flowers online and you will find them in a range of colours which includes

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Purple
  • White
  • Pink

The message for the arrival of spring is sent by this bulb plant that is tulips represent and they begin to bloom for 3-7 days. The red tulip signifies love whereas the white tulip means seeking an apology.

The ideal occasion to gift: These flowers are among the best flowers delivered online for the anniversary, birthday or when you have stepped into a new relationship which is yet to become strong.

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Orchids are delicate flowers as compared to other tropical flowers. You may notice the blooms fade but that is because the plants goes through resting period and if you care for the plant they tend to bloom again.

They are a symbol of luxury since the 1800s. You can find this flower in different colours, varieties and every colour seen in the rainbow. These colours represent hope, luck and love.

Ideal Special Occasion to gift: Order the flowers online and orchid can be the best gift for Valentine’s Day or a birthday.

You can get a collection of these flowers online if you do not wish to visit online flower shops. You can order fresh collection of orchids from best online delivery stores.

Red Roses

Red Roses are considered as the symbols of love since ages and certainly, they are the most romantic flowers.

You can get roses in different colours and shades. The deep red rose represents long lasting love that is deep and true love with your loved one.

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Ideal Occasion to gift: Well, red roses are flowers that make your Valentine’s Day even more special and thus they are best flowers delivered online. You can also gift them on a birthday, anniversary or any other special day.

If you want to send roses to your loved one buy flowers online to get lovely flowers from rose collection.

Stargazer Lily

It is yet another bold and beautiful choice to gift your loved one.

Pick the bright pink that comes with white accents for those who love something bright and beautiful around them. Lily is basically a symbol of prosperity and wealth. So, it is like gifting love with good wishes for wealth and prosperity.

Ideal Occasion to gift: You can send these flowers to someone special on a birthday or Valentine’s Day.


Daisies are available in different types out of which Gerbera daisies are quite popular and can be found in range of bright colours.

Daisies are symbol of innocence & happiness.

Ideal Occasion to gift: Select a bouquet of daisies if you have entered a new relationship or wish to convert a healthy friendship into love

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When you buy best flowers online you can check out for the fresh collection of daisies and send a card with a simple and lovely message along with the flowers.

Pastel Carnation

The pastel carnation certainly an ideal gift for someone who is bit restrained and introvert by nature.

As Pastel carnations symbolize true love, pink ones simply means praise.

Ideal Occasion to gift: It is a January flower you can say and thus ideal gift for birthdays.


It is yet another bold flower with the nickname – “Peruvian lily” and it adds liveliness in a room.

It carries the aura of friendship and apart from that it also represents devotion and also a flower that connects with romance.

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Pick red/pink color which directly portrays romance and for showing royalty and beauty the purple shade is a perfect choice.

Ideal Occasion to gift: The perfect occasion to gift these flowers would be Valentine’s Day or anniversary to express your partner the love and care you have in heart for him/her.

Blue Iris

Truly a lovely and stylish looking flower, the blue iris is a unique flower that represents romance

Also, it is the symbol of faith and hope as it is Greek Goddess of love.

Ideal Occasion to gift: It is the February flower and can be the perfect gift for a birthday/anniversary/ Valentine’s Day.

Of course, flowers are the gift that you can be wrong in choosing any time or any occasion for your loved one. Flowers are a gift of nature that is loved by everyone and they make everyone smile and feel happy. Flowers add joy to your room and to your life.


Celebrating the years of togetherness on your anniversary is a special occasion that you can celebrate by gifting Camellia the perfect choice for any couple to cherish spending those years together

The flowers represent longevity and faith and are local to countries like Japan and China where it is grown and popular since centuries together.

Ideal occasion to gift: A deep red/pink shade would be the perfect one for your anniversary or

No matter what occasion you want to celebrate or gift, flowers make the occasion memorable and spread love and peace. With so many online flower shops you get the flexibility to order flowers online and get them delivered to your loved one even if you can’t visit them personally.

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