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Discount & Offers

We at http://www.sendyourflowersonline.com/ may offer discount and offers on different products and services time to time, but it is not necessary all the time. It means that you may grab huge discount on buying a product or sending flowers online during a specific time duration or festival, but it is not necessary for each and every occasion and festivals. So, if you are here to unveil advantages of huge discount and offers on buying flowers, gifts and other services at SendYourFlowersOnline, you first need to check out available discount and offers on different products and services.

Here one should also be clarified that we provide discount and offers, but it doesn’t mean that we provide you something for free. We have certain business techniques that can help our users or customers to find out a best affordable deal. For this, they need to choose discounted products or offers. There are basically two objectives behind introducing discount products or service – first to attract customers and second to help our customers saving a few bucks.

In case of any issue or errors, you may get in touch with official at our contact us page. We will always try to resolve your issues out of court.

Delivery Date & Time

However, we at SendYourFlowersOnline commit delivery date and time, but still we don’t know about what could be in store. So, there could be circumstances and situations when we may not be able to deliver services or products on time. In such a case, we will try to provide you our best services and products. But it is also true that we will not responsible for delay in service due to unknown situations and circumstances. So, you can’t claim for compensation in case of such a delay.

Whether you are going to choose our same day delivery or midnight delivery service, we at http://www.sendyourflowersonline.com/ always try to cater your requirements on time. But despite of all our efforts, we may still have to deal with unwanted situations and circumstances that may cause delay of services and products.